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               Wiccan Beliefs             
Wiccan Beliefs, now here is something that will take some time.  Wiccan covers many different cultural origins.  But to put it in more basic terms Wicca is the practice of Earth based beliefs.  The seasons, nature, harvest and planting, Goddess's  and god's by many different names.  It is a religion that dates back to the beginning of the human race.

To be a Pagan or Wiccan is not just a passing fancy it is a way of life, just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, it is a everyday way of doing things.  In being Wiccan we believe in the Loving Earth Mother; the Goddess.  And her Consort Hunter; the God.  To be Wiccan is to believe that you are a part of what you do and the very earth herself.  To take care of her and of yourself because you are a part of the Earth.

Webster dictionary says magic is "the general term for any of the supposed arts of producing marvelous effects by supernatural or occult power and is figuratively applied to any extraordinary, seemingly inexplicable power."

Scott Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner definition of magic is "the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects." He also divides the sources of energy into three categories: Personal power, Earth power, and Divine energy.

Personal power comes from within you; it is the life force that powers the body. We absorb energy from food and water, the sun and moon. We release it during movement or exercise. When used in magic, personal power is aroused or gathered within, infused with a specific purpose, then released and directed towards its goal. When you charge a candle you infuse it with personal power or energy.
Deciding to do an act of magic might even be considered as setting the personal power into motion (the thought starting the deed). In this sense, prayer could be considered an act of magic. You are directing energy to create needed change.

Earth power, according to Cunningham, is that which comes from the earth and its natural products: stones, trees, rocks, sand, herbs, etc. If you've taken the time to admire a field of wildflowers, watched a river flowing, hugged or leaned against a tree, or stood in a cave, you may have felt something of the energy that exists with the Earth.

Cunningham sees both personal power and Earth power as manifestations of divine power -- that which comes from the God/dess, the source of universal power.

I  believe that no matter how wicca or magic is described that in the in it is left up  to our own interpretation of what is and what is not.  My world according to ?   For in fact it is my world and how I proceed in making it work for me is in fact up to me alone.  I will believe in what I see, what if feel, how it effects me and those around me.  Please do not  take my word or any others on the matter of magic.  Find out for yourself, for magic work differently  for each of us.

The Three-Fold Law is part of the Wiccan Belief system it basically says whatever you do will come back to you three times over. Karma times three.  "The easiest way to look at karma is book of one's good and evil deeds, and of the results of one's actions over the time of their lives. But to get a clear picture of its meaning, one should not think so much of 'someone up there' totting up the balance and rewarding or punishing us accordingly, as of the root meaning [of karma] cause-and-effect. The concept is that everything we do sets up a chain reaction of effects, as inevitably as a pebble dropped in a pool causes ripples, and that we have to live with the results. the results of which we cause may not bounce back at us till many lives later -- but bounce back they will, by the nature of the totally interconnected structure of our universe.

This connection compels us, sooner or later, to restore balance which we have disturbed, to reap our rewards or to pay debts we have incurred.  Scott Cunningham in his book Living Wicca puts it this way: "What is done will be returned to the doer. Precisely how this energy is returned has been a matter of great speculation. Some Wiccans state that the Goddess performs this function; others that it's a law of the universe, like gravity, and that no one being is in charge of seeing that this occurs. It's an automatic response, like a ricochet.  The do unto others as you would have them do unto you, just may have some merits in Karma.
Some Books and Authors that I would recommend for more information on Wicca are:

The Spiral Dance                                                         ----------Starhawk
Wicca (guide for the solitary)                                       ----------Cunningham
Living Wicca                                                                   ----------Cunningham
The Wheel of the Year                                                ----------Campanelli
Eight Sabbats for Witches                                            ----------Janet & Steward Farrar
The Shadow of the Shaman                                      ----------Wolfe
Return of the Goddess                                                  ----------Edward Whitmont
The Woman's Spirituality Book                             ----------Diane Stein
The Truth About Witchcraft                                   ----------Raymond Buckland
The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries                  ----------Z. Budapest
The Dark God (Exploring the Male Shadow)     ----------Marcia Starck

These are only a few, but they are a good start.  Of course I love anything that is written by Starhawk & Buckland, and everything that Cunningham wrote was wonderful.  Just my personal opinion.

The Wiccan and Pagan beliefs are a unique way of believing in the world around us.  It gives us a way to be closer to the earth and what has made us what we are.  Although there are many ways of earth religion and magic, their is no wrong way or right way to believe, there is only your way in the end.  And Be It Harm None!  Do As Ye Will!!!

May Whatever Deity You Believe In Protect You and Yours!!!
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