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              Pagan Beliefs             
Pagan Beliefs is a term that is used lightly to describe a good many different cultural beliefs, stemming from the beginning of time.  Wiccan is just one of the many beliefs that is pagan, and in that there are many different forms, including Celtic, Scottish, Dianic, etc.  Shaman, Druid, Norse, and any other early cultural belief that has not been excepted by the Christian Community at large.  Not to say that some Christians do not except the pagan culture and Religion, some do.
In general many of our beliefs are not understood by the populace of the world, this is from non communication, and non education.  They can not know about something if it is not talked about, taught and brought into the open.  The World Wide Web is a great source for pagan information if you are looking for it.  But in the community if you are not asking about it, and if you know nothing than you have no reason to ask.  People have to be made aware of Pagan cultures and the Wiccan Religion, before they can ask the questions.  However this is not an easy task.

I believe the first step is for those who do not have a risk in losing something by being public they should be as public as they can.  It is in knowledge and the correct answers to questions that one fines the ability to not fear.  We do not fear Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim or Hindu.  Because we have had exposure to them, and it will be the same with Wiccan and other pagan Beliefs.  People must be exposed and taught that they are not evil, just different.  It will not cure all the problems but it will be a start.

Only when all of us, all people of all nations, of all cultures are allowed to be themselves, allowed to pray, practice and choose their own lifestyles, will we be a true free world, free from oppression, free from persecution, and free just to be a part of this world.

To find out more about different pagan cultures and beliefs there are many links to some wonderful pages on the links page.  However just because I centralize on the pagan cultural I feel that even  learn more about other cultures as well.  Read and learn how we are more alike than dis-alike, how many of our ceremonies are similar,  There is power in knowledge and everyone should have a very powerful and healthy outlook.  You may be surprised to know that many cultures have altars, use incense and light candles, that many cultures still use herbal remedies.  That some cultures use knives or swords for their ceremonies, that salt is used to purify in many areas.  We are not so different as most people would like to believe.

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