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  Lady Morgan's Pagan Site 

Welcome To TorchLight

    This is a new organization that is dedicated to uniting Pagans,  All Pagans.  We are not alone in our beliefs, although at times it seems like we are the only ones in our community, we are not.   Most Pagans have learned that it is better to not say anything  about their beliefs in order to keep their job, their friends, and sometimes even their families.  Although I do find this sad, I do understand.  But you are  not alone.   We have Lit the Torches so to speak so people can find us, and find other organizations that sponsor the pagan community.  there are many Organizations that have been around for many years and you would be surprised at how many new and even old time pagans who do not know of them. This is mainly due to the fact of secrecy.

Being a part of this Organization, does not mean your life will change other than having people who are familiar with your beliefs. People with whom you can turn to, get to know and trust.  For those that do not want people to know about them, this is ok.   The goal is for us to be able to contact someone when we need too, that understands where we come from.  Also all personal information is confidential, and only what you want people to know is know.

I hope that in the future there will be no need for people to have to protect their beliefs, race, or sexual preference.  The idea that we have to deal with such things in this day and age is an affront to the intelligence of the human race.
We are dedicated to helping people reach out to others in there own area, and in many other areas as well.  But we are also dedicated to educating the public so that someday all religions can practice freely without the fear of persecution.  It is unfortunate that even some pagans will speak badly of another religion.  This must stop on all accounts, we can not ask something of someone else if we are not willing to give it ourselves.

Check out the links below to find out more about The TorchLight Organization.  You are Welcome and We hope that you will return often to see the site as it changes with new information all the time.


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 This page last updated on January 29, 1998